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Wind and Brass

Blasket Dances, Op.24

Composed   2001
Duration (approx)   15 minutes

Symphonic wind ensemble

Publisher   Maecenas Music

Commissioned by Timothy Reynish.

First performance   27th June 2001
Venue   Manchester
Orchestra / Ensemble   RNCM Wind Orchestra
Conductor   Timothy Reynish

Timothy Reynish conducted the US premiere with the SUNY Wind Ensemble at Fredonia, New York, on 18th October 2007.

Conflict and Consolation, Op.19

Composed   1996
Duration (approx)   16 minutes

4 horns, 3 tpts, 3 tmbs, tba, timp, 2 perc

Recording   Chamber Music, Music for Brass -- Toccata Classics: TOCC 0015
Publisher   Maecenas Music

Commissioned for the 40th anniversary of Kensington Symphony Orchestra, with funds from London Arts Board, NFMS, Kenneth Leighton Trust and Mr and Mrs J Pattinson.

First performance   29th March 1996
Venue   Clapham Common Church, London
Orchestra / Ensemble   KSO Symphonic Brass
Conductor   Russell Keable

Seccond performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 2nd July 1996.

Introduction and Capriccio, Op.7

Composed   1990
Duration (approx)   8 minutes

Wind octet 0222/ 2000

Publisher   Unpublished

Commissioned by the Madley Festival with funds from West Midlands Arts.

First performance   19th July 1990
Venue   Madley Festival
Orchestra / Ensemble   English Wind Ensemble

London premiere by Equinox, conducted by Richard Farnes, at St. John's Smith Square on 30th October 1992.

Serenata Trionfale, Op.34

Composed   2006
Duration (approx)   15 minutes

Wind octet 0222/ 2000

Publisher   Peters Edition

Commissioned by Little Missenden Festival.

First performance   14th October 2006
Venue   Little Missenden Festival
Orchestra / Ensemble   Sound Collective
Conductor   Directed by Tom Hammond

London premiere by Sound Collective at Blackheath Halls on 16th May 2008.

Three Rupert Brooke Songs

Composed   1995
Duration (approx)   7 minutes

Mezzo-soprano, piano or orchestra: 2d1 2 2 2/ 4 0 0 0/ timp, str

Text Author(s)   Rupert Brooke: Beauty to Beauty / Song / The Jolly Company

Publisher   Peters Edition
First performance   1st May 1995
Venue   Kingston Festival
Soloists / Players   Alison Cain, mezzo-soprano / Matthew Taylor, piano

London premiere (with piano) by Alison Cain and Matthew Taylor at the LSE Shaw Library on 18th May 1995.

Orchestral premiere by Alison Cain and the Copenhagen Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Matthew Taylor, at Mantziussalen, Birkerod, Denmark on 9th October 1995. London premiere by the same artist at the International Students House on 15th October 1995.

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